The location of Castria studios

The location of Castria studios is the basic element that shapes their unique character.

The altitude offers a great panoramic view, the remote side of the hill guarantees the absolute peace and quiet, plus exploring the island and its 30+ traditional villages becomes really easy through the quick access to the main ring road.

The studios are located 5 km outside of Tinos’ downtown and the port, though there are many options for food or swimming at an even closer distance:

Just 2 km away you will meet “Pachia Ammos”, a lengthy beach, sandy and quiet, for those who prefer more space and privacy during ther swims. It is accessible via a footpath that starts with some stone steps just beside the main road towards the sea, and ends up at the beach after a 5′ walk.

On the main road leading to downtown, just after the first beach, you come across “Kionia”, where there are organized beaches, beach bars and taverns, making the place ideal for families or for an easy combination of food and sea.

Lastly, just outside of Kionia you meet “Stavros Bay”, a small gulf that used to be the town’s port during the ancient times. Here, the trees along the sand provide some natural shade, while the remains of the ancient port along with the small chapel create a picturesque scenery.

Castria Studios Ammos Beach
Castria Studios Stavros Bay

Exo Meria

The island of Tinos has a vast number of options to show for the holidays of the casual tourist, as well as the one of the “explorers”, with numerous proposals for places, tastes, beaches, sights to see and of course Activities

One part of the island that combines all of these elements – and for many people the most beautiful one – is the West side, or the so-called “Exo Meria”.

A visit to Exo Meria starting from Castria studios is rather simple and convenient, and by just following the main road you will meet – among others – these four renowned villages/highlights:


Filled with green, running springs and with a magnificent view, the village of Kardiani is surely worth your first stop.

Here you can explore its narrow streets and traditional houses, admire the view from the church of Agia Triada, or head down to the bay (Ormos Giannaki) for a swim and excellent food.

Castria Studios Kardiani View
Castria Studios Kardiani Tinos


Next village and a necessary stop is Isternia, with a magical view that you can enjoy from one of the all day bars that are “hanging” from the hill.

You will have the opportunity to discover the long history and tradition of this place in marble art, by walking around the village or by visiting the museum of marble artists, and don’t forget to check Ormo Isternia, for some great sea food, literally just by the sea.

Castria Studios Ormos Beach


The biggest village of Tinos and its cultural center for marble sculpting, with a rich history on the art, a tradition that you can get to know in the Museum of Marble Arts, as well as in almost every corner or the village itself.

The main square of Pirgos is the perfect place for having coffee and sweets under the big platan tree, and it is a great opportunity to look around the small shops that are scattered along the graphic streets for unique handmade souvenirs, or local products for the most original gifts.

Castria Studios Traditional Church


Last stop of this excursion would be the old port of Tinos, that retains its timeless charm and includes sandy beaches for any preference, with the secluded ones on the left side of the entrance (Stafida, Agia Thalassa), or a little bit outside of Panormos, the more popular Rochari for cocktails and water sports.

After swimming, a dinner with fresh sea food in one of the many fish taverns around Panormos is the best ending for this full day.

Castria Studios Panormos View