Handmade character

Handmade creation is a common point in every aspect of Castria studios, from the interior design to the surrounding outdoor areas, and it is the main characteristic that brings this certain originality and uniqueness to the place.

Inside, outside, and around the studios, you will meet lots of these creations, in different versions, from furniture and utility items to the smallest decorative detail, everything tended by the owning family.

Here are some examples to help showcase the basic philosophy of the place:

Castria Studios handmade entrance sign

Even before you enter the property, you will recognize the marble sign of Castria studios, a homage to the old tradition of marble sculpture that Tinos is so famous for.

While you are walking towards the entrance yard, you will cross the big wooden ‘castle door’, made by the hands of the main creator of the property.

Castria Studios main entrance door
Castria Studios Blue studio bedroom

Inside the studios, the king beds are also handmade, simple and comfortable, while the heads of the beds are designed in relation to every studio’s character, offering a big percentage of their individual style.

Refurbished antiques decorate also the inside of the studios, from furniture to small objects, carefully hand-picked to match each of the rooms’ character.

Castria Studios green studio Kitchen
Castria Studios white studio livingroom

With just a quick glance you can easily see how important is the wall decoration for the aesthetics of every studio, starting with the wall paintings and every other handmade creation that compliments the rooms, such as frames, traditional needlecrafts or various wooden decoration.

The paintings upon ceramic or wooden pieces give the last touch in the stylistic approach of the interior, small details that make every studio stand out.

Castria Studios
Castria Studios Red Balcony Sofa Sea View

Just like the interior of every room, every one of their balconies have always something handmade to showcase as well. A fitting example would be the balcony of the Red studio “Φαίδρα” Red studio, where the built-in sofa is matched with an imaginative coffee table as well as with the old saddles-made-stools.

So it seems that almost all the elements of every studio are handmade… even soaps. Ena karo supplies Castria studios with fragrant soaps from their workshop here in Tinos, thus completing the whole philosophy of the place for a really special stay.