From then to now

Three generations before the top of the hill that gazed upon the sea looked like any Tinian landscape of that time: rough, rocky and full of brushwood, the land was used from the owners just for their crops and animals.Hard to imagine a different usage for this kind of remote area.

The view towards the sea remained stunning though, as the surrounding islands were clearly visible, creating a true cycladic panorama.Similar was the picturesque landscape with the small chapel on the North side, the small stables for the animals, the rocky trails that connected the nearby villages, as well as the infinite stone walls (parageries) “cutting” across the hills of the island.

Panoramic view of the land just before the first construction works in 2001


These were the reasons why the property was built, always with respect towards tradition and the natural environment, first with a stand-alone house that was used as a cottage and later with the addition of Castria studios.

Castria Studios Overview

The initial cottage / Today’s “colorful” aspect 


Castria Studios old vs new entrance

The old entrance of the cottage / Today’s rebuilt entrance yard as well as the main entrance for the Blue studio “Kalupso”


The whole constructing procedure until the present day lasted over 15 years and during this period every inch of the land has been worked and tended to.

After securing the water supply, electricity and access from the main road, the land was regrown and filled with trees, crofts and decorative gardens, expanded with a small farm and finally with the initial cottage house.

Few years later, with the new perspective of hotel accommodation, the property was reconfigured once again, in terms of creating high quality facilities that promise the most pleasant stay in the most authentic environment.


View from the balcony of the cottage house, the present-day reception of Castria studios